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G-Cloud: Entity Group’s Single View Product Suite Approved

Sittingbourne, Feb 22nd, 2012 – Entity Group, a leading UK based information management solutions company, today announced that they have been selected to provide their Single View product suite via the Government’s new G-Cloud catalogue. They applied for two of the four lots on the G-Cloud Framework – Software as a Service and Specialist Cloud Services, and were approved for both of them.

Entity’s Single View product suite provides government agencies with trustworthy, timely and relevant data about citizens, patients, patient pathways and subjects-of-interest. By knowing who your citizens, patients and subjects are, you are able to provide targeted service delivery, use resources efficiently, identify fraud and crime, reduce costs and make information available for joined-up service provision.

“Understanding the importance of information and how to extract value from it is critical to success in the public sector,” said James Wilkinson, Executive Vice President of Entity Group. “In a strained economy, very difficult decisions have to be made but the challenge of providing first rate, cost effective services remains. UK Government is awash with personal information and data, the challenge now is how to unlock the power and potential of these strategic assets. Entity’s Single View product suite reduces the barriers to information management across the government space.”

Changes in Government Policy

The UK Government ICT Strategy, and its strategic implementation plan, published in 2011, places a heavy emphasis on realising the value of the information it holds as an asset, in order to share information between government departments and citizens. Furthermore, the Prime Minister has underlined the importance of transparency and open data in his letter to Cabinet Ministers(1), dated 7th July, 2011.

Similarly, the National Health Service is governed by new policies towards patient centricity and understands that “ the key to better care, better outcomes, and reduced costs(2), while the policing and intelligence services have a de facto requirement for trusted, joined-up information.

Departments across the public sector now have a set of mandates to work with proven information management partners to help them progress towards the vision of joined-up service provision. Entity’s Single View of Citizen, Patient, Patient Pathways and Subject-of-Interest solutions, available via the G-Cloud, are a step towards that vision.

(1) Letter from the Prime Minister to Cabinet Ministers on Transparency and Open Data, Thursday 7 July 2011

(2) Equity & Excellence: Liberating the NHS

About Entity

Entity is a UK based information management solutions company.  Entity focus on Information Management solutions in the following areas: Data Modelling and data / database design, Information Integration, Master Data Management and Analytics.

Entity and its staff are well versed in the Public Sector and its varying service requirements, from the Home Office through to Local Government, having provided its expertise to departments across the sector for more than 15 years.

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